Yamaha P115 and P105

Yamaha P series refers to the portable range of pianos. These pianos have gained huge popularity over the past few years. They offer unmatched sound quality and are available at competitive prices. The P115 model succeeds its predecessor the Yamaha P105 series. Both of these models are identical to each other in most of the aspects.

 The Yamaha P115 model has a higher Polyphony compared to the P105 model. Commonly you can play some 10 notes at a time. But you can make use of the pedal in the P115 series to play multiple notes at the same time. A higher polyphony count generally means that the first notes do not decay. The P105 is one of the best selling pianos in the world and one can also get it at a cheaper price these days because the model is no0 longer in production. On the contrary if you happen to travel a lot or provide many live shows, you are going to appreciate having the P115 piano.

The P115 further has a recording feature which is very easy to implement. In order to record music using this piano, you have to just push the button above the piano and play the notes. After this, if you push again, it saves the recording back into the memory. At a later time, you will be able to listen to the music by pushing in the play button. You can enjoy live performance by connecting the output signal to the bigger speakers in the case of Yamaha P115.

Yamaha P115 has a new controller which is quite handy and this allows you to change the sound setting on the keyboard. The P115 boasts of a better screen when compared to the Yamaha P105 model. Also the drumbeat in P115 is better when compared to its older version.