Why Buy Instagram Views?

Social media has really developed over the years and now it has become part of our life. Everyone, the young and the old are in the spree of making their popularity grow through the social media such as Instagram. People believe that having many followers automatically reflects how well many people know you. It is a difficult task gathering followers especially for those who are fresh to Instagram. If you are not patient enough to grow your visibility gradually, you also have an option to buy fake Instagram views and followers, say socialshaft.

Most people fail to understand that social media is about engaging the audience, listening to their view and being able to them as authentically as possible. This creates a reputation that will be hard to ruin. Before you buy Instagram views, you have to think twice about the impact it will have on your account.

Buying cheap views and followers is very easy and a recent study has shown the number of sellers of cheap followers has increased immensely in the recent past. It has become a thriving business as many people are hungry for huge social media following. People are in a hurry to create an appealing social media presence making them use cunning methods to draw as many followers as possible. However, these fake followers have a negative impact on your account and it is important that you understand them.

If you buy fake Instagram views and followers, you get people who may not be interested or willing to interact with you. What you will have are just numbers. Most of the followers if do a careful search, you will realize that they are fake accounts. In some companies, buying followers means increasing advertisement revenue. The logic behind this is that adverts are sold based on how many followers the company or individual has. But all fake followers will not at all interact with you.

Buying of followers lead to you losing trust in Instagram and other social media platforms. The trend of buying is also affecting the whole social media in that if it continues, soon no one will trust the other. It is destroying the initial goal social sites of creating trust among participants. You may think that you are gaining popularity only to realize that you have ruined your reputation.

Sometimes the worse may happen and find out that you have sent spam to followers. Some of the vendors of followers can access your Instagram account and send many messages that will be advertising their services. This can be disgusting to your real follower and they may end unfollowing you. Note that, with time you will be found out. Tools for analyzing social accounts to see the fake followers are already available. Therefore take not destroy your reputation and loss integrity from your followers.