Which is the best smart watch? Fitbit Blaze or Apple Watch

Fitbit, which initially started out as a sports tracker, went on to incorporate Apple like features in its Blaze series of watches. Apple on the other hand made use of many fitness apps make it a close competitor to Fitbit in the realm of fitness tracking devices. While the ongoing battle among these two continues, let us have a look at their similarities and differences.

Fitbit Blaze looks similar to the Apple smart watch when viewed from a distance. The dial of Fitbit is hexagonal in shape and is detachable. One can use different coloured straps with the Fitbit dial matching it with their costumes or other accessories. This customization feature with colourful straps is not available for Apple users. Apple makes use of its trademark square shaped dial in all its smart watches. One can however opt to choose metallic straps in Apple which can provide an elegant look to the wearer. One can also use straps made by several third party manufacturers in Apple watches, the same does not hold true in the case of Fitbit. The screen resolution of Apple is far higher than Fitbit making it the best choice in that segment.

Fitbit is a pioneer when it comes to activity tracking. It continuously keeps monitoring the wearer’s every move throughout the day and one does not have to prompt it. It also provides a series of workouts which can provide you with the option of a personal trainer who can guide you to exercise. Apple falls back in this regard. The Apple smart watch tracks the heart rate and exercise information only if you ask it to do so. The Apple watch cannot track exercise automatically also. Fitbit is the clear winner in this regard.

The Apple smart watch however is loaded with other features .One can answer calls, messages, track social media updates, use the internet and perform various other functions by downloading third party apps. Fitbit Blaze on the other hand, only displays notifications but one is not able to interact with others using the device. The FitBit Blaze is inexpensive and economical. Needless to say, Apple smart watches are quite costly. Depending on one’s needs, one should decide whether to go for Apple smart watch or stick with FitBit Blaze.