S4 – A Gift For Body Builders

S4 or Andarine as it is popularly called is a SARM manufactured by GTX Inc. The compound was initially manufactured by GTX to act as potent drug in order to cure osteoporosis, muscle wasting, bloated prostrate and various other disorders of the human body. Nowadays the drug has managed to gain a huge popularity amongst the body builders who in turn prefer to make use of Andarine owing to its steroid like advantages.

When it comes to choosing between SARMs that have natural steroid like benefits, Andarine is considered to be the weakest of the lot. The drug was initially introduced to satisfy medical requirements and therefore does not have the same harmful side effects such as SARMs like LGD – 4033, Ostarine etc.S4 or Andarine is a potent SARM which is renowned for its strength gains and even fat loss effects.

S4 is mostly used by body builders and is used together with other SARMs like LGD – 4033, Ostarine and Cardarine in order to speed up size gains, strength gains and it is also considered to be very good for fat loss. It is also popular among body builders. It dries out slightly and makes the muscles to appear harder. It also acts well to increase vascularity and even has the capability to heal joints.

In a certain research, it was found that S4 is quite helpful in reducing the weight of prostate and it works just like finasteride. But it did not produce a decrease in muscular mass and it also did not have any anti androgen unwanted side effects. Andarine can affix itself to the androgen receptors and help in building lean muscled. Just like all the other SARMs, it does not trigger any androgenic action in the non skeletal muscular tissues during the course of the process.