Pro Secrets To Host live Trivia Event

Trivia quizzes have become an essential event in any occasions as it will keep the audiences entertained. Today, trivia events are commonly arranged in every parties, family and friends gatherings, bars, pubs and restaurants. The raise in popularity of trivia event is clear, they are great source of entertainment, promote social interactions, provide a stage for people to showcase their knowledge and they generate income for business and charities.

If you own a bar and you are trying innovative ideas to increase your profit then Trivia event is a great way to boost your business. Live Trivia night event is a cost effective approach to increase your funds and gain potential customers. Here are some tips to help you to host live trivia event like a pro.

The prizes: prizes are the top priority of any trivia event because great prizes draw guests. Many bars and restaurants figure out that live trivia event success is completely dependent on prizes itself. Creative prizes are best promotional secret weapon. You can give trophies and gift card worth some cash money for winners and don’t forget the runner ups, you can award them with coupon cards. The gift cards and coupon cards can contain discounted offers of drinks and menu at your bar, this will ensure that they will come back to you.

The questions: You can find some questions on internet but most of the questions are outdated and sometimes inaccurate. A wrong answer for just one question can turn out complete event, while many trivia hosts use search method you can Partner up with, they will provide you accurate and up to date questions.

The host: Host is the one who holds whole live trivia night exciting. Hiring a professional host can be very expensive. If you are a person who is very social, interact with people very often then you can try your hand in hosting your live event or you can search a good host among your staffs itself.

The Scores: Live trivia nights are very competitive and it is fast, noting down the points by hands will take time and can slow down the action of guests. So, it is better to go with digital scoring, these are not just fast but they provide foolproof results.

The Timing: Usually, weekday evenings are best suited for hosting live trivia. On normal weekends, you can get your business done well but on weekdays it will be very difficult to get profit. If you arrange live trivia during slow times in a week then you will typically see the raise in your funds.