Increase Intelligence With The Simple Techniques

Intelligence is the key factor that many people consider to assess a person. Intelligence is the ability to learn and understand how to apply the knowledge in order to solve the problem or it can be referred as ability to deal with the new difficult situations. Today, everyone wants to be intelligent but no one will ever try different methods to increase there IQ.

Intelligent Quotient is IQ full form. Just like our body needs exercises now and then to maintain the good even our brain needs regular brain exercise to maintain our cognitive health. To put in simple words, it is necessary to use the brain now and then in the right way as it will help you to become more skilled person when it comes for thinking and helps to increase your focusing abilities.

The below 4 methods will Stimulate our brain and increase our intelligence.

Reading – Read more books on Science, history, philosophy, arts etc. Reading the books will allow a person to widen the horizon of knowledge on the perspectives of the World and on going happenings around us. Reading will increase the ability of creativity to solve the problems.

Playing Mind Games – Exercise your brain by playing different mind games like sudoku, puzzles and crosswords. It is believed that all these games will exercise the brain and will help to improve and maintain the mental abilities.

Physical Exercises – The physical activities will also contribute to the person’s intelligence. The exercises will increase the memory retention, improve the problem solving techniques and also helps to relieve from stress. Stress management is very important as it will affect negatively for learning and memory. Sleep is another factor that affects the memory, our brain needs rest and it is recommended to sleep for 7-8 hours a day. Insufficient sleep will lead to the degradation of mental functions.

Proper Diet – Following the healthy and proper diet will help the brain to function properly. Our brain will be in need of variety of nutrients daily. Skipping the breakfast will damage the brain cells, many researches have proven that missing the breakfast will reduce the performance of brain. Include foods which are rich in vitamins, proteins and fatty acids that will provide all the required nutrients to the brain.

All these methods have proven to enhance the intelligence in a person. If a person follows all the above listed methods, then they can see the difference in their IQ.