How To Fix Scratches In Auto Glasses?

With the scratches that are old, rough or noticeable, you may find it impossible to remove it from an auto glass. There are some methods in which you can lessen down or remove small imperfections and hairline scratches. The scratches on car windshield can be caused by different factors like some rough and hard foreign body on wiper blade, contact with twigs or any accidental contact with glass surface. All these aspects can result in either surface scratch or deep scratches.

If the scratch is very small that is barely noticeable then you can make an attempt to remove it by yourself but if it is very deep and big then you have take professional help to fix it. Visit for professional glass repair services. Surface scratches can be identified by running finger nails on glass surface, these can be repaired easily with couple of materials. The main component required for scratched glass repair is an acrylic scratch remover.

To repair a scratched glass, the first thing you need to do is clean the surface of the glass with soap and water, this will ensure that there is no dust lodged into the scratch. Use distilled water since it will not have even tiny foreign particles unlike normal hose water. It is best to repair the glass in shaded area with some source of bright light. Once you have washed the glass, dry it using microfiber cloth, this will remove all the moisture and excess particles lodged on glass.

Leave the glass to dry for some moment and once it is completely free from moisture, take few drops of acrylic scratch remover on a clean cloth and gently apply it on scratch and rub it smoothly over the glass surface. After applying, allow it to sit for couple of minutes later you can proceed with buffing the glass to ensure the solution blends evenly with glass surface. Buffing can be done by hands or you can even make use of buffer which would be more efficient. Once the buffing is done, the scratch seem invisible from a view, remove excess solution and allow it to set completely.

If you can still observe the scratch then you need to repeat the same process for several times on regular time interval until it is completely gone. If you are afraid of causing more damage to the glass then, it is better to take professional help instead.