How To Choose The Coffee Grinder

There are hundreds of coffee grinders available in the market these days. All of them more or less have similar features and are available at different price ranges. In such a case, it is often a daunting task when it comes to choosing the right coffee grinder. Some of the factors to keep in mind while choosing the right coffee grinder are

Particle size and consistency – This is the most important thing to keep in mind while choosing the right coffee grinder. This factor plays a crucial role and relates directly to the aroma and flavour that you get from sipping a hot cup of coffee. In order to appreciate the quality of coffee beans, you have to grind them to the right consistency before making coffee. Most of the burr grinders available in the market will do a perfect job of providing you with coffee of the right particle size and even consistency. Getting a fine powder is especially important for the lovers of espresso coffee as even as light inconsistency can alter its taste.

Cost – If cost is a major deciding factor for you, you have to opt for a blade grinder .On the contrary if you are willing to compromise on the cost part. A burr grinder is the best choice. Burr grinders are available in the price range of $100 to $500.The more you spend on coffee beans, the more you will get out of a high end coffee grinder.

Capacity – It is wise to choose a small capacity coffee grinder because you usually have to grind a small amount of coffee so that it remains fresh. You can look for a grinder that is big, if you intend to make coffee on a regular basis.