Federal Skilled Trades Immigration Lawyer Toronto

Benefits of immigrating to Canada:

Many people are interested to settle in Canada, because the country offers many good opportunities for the new Immigration Ways. Some of the excellent benefits that the country offers like freedom to live and work wherever we need in the country, also like free public school education for students and free health care centers for family members, in addition to this Canadian government provides economic and social support for those having financial problems. After considering many factors one may really long to get immigration in Canada.

Federal Skilled Trades Program:

If a person is experienced as well as all-rounder in a single occupation like plumber, carpenter, electrician, gas fitter etc., then he/she is eligible to apply for federal skilled trades program where permanent residency in Canada is given if they are really skilled. So the people from foreign countries can apply for permanent residency which is purely based on their skills and experience in particular trades.

Eligibility criteria:

If a person receives an application to apply to federal skilled trades program, then the person should meet the following criteria to apply for that

1. Candidate should meet the basic language requirement in English and French i.e., writing, learning, reading and speaking level in English and French should be good

2. Candidate must have a minimum of two-year’ experience in their mentioned occupation.

3. Candidate must meet the job requirements as mentioned in National Occupational Classification (NOC) without fail but qualification certificate is not needed.

4. Candidate must have an offer of full-time employment for the period of at least one year in their skilled trade issued by a provincial body of government.

Admissibility – next step:

Candidates who met the eligibility criteria have to undergo the next step which is admissibility. It involves various factors like medical admissibility, criminal admissibility, security admissibility.

Medical admissibility- All candidates and their family members have to undertake a medical examination by a designated medical doctor before entering Canada.

Criminal admissibility- For getting passport will undergo address verification with the residing place police, similarly for getting immigration also must undergo a residing verification by police whether we are residing in our place for more than 6 months.

Security admissibility- This is like verifying our financial status of applicants. Applicants must submit the proof of having enough money to reside in Canada.

So in order to understand all of those criterion one must hire an immigration lawyer who is expertise about all these laws which will help the person to get permanent residency in Canada.