Denture Cleaning Tips from Dentists in Houstan TX

After purchasing dentures on recommendations from one of the best dentists in Houstan TX, cleaning them is a top priority if you want them to serve you efficiently for long. That is why it is necessary to disinfect them in appropriate solutions to get rid of stains and calculus that build on daily. You may not see the stains, but they are there and should be a norm to soak them daily. The vinegar solution is the recommended commercial denture cleaner that softens the build up on them. This is because of the acetic acid content in it that completely cleans the tartar. Consider incorporating a bleach solution if you need deeper disinfections. Though you can do the cleaning partially, it is not advisable as the more dirt is likely to build up. Follow the following steps when cleaning your dentures as guided by Dentist Houston.

As stated above, dentures should be soaked daily as the first phase of cleaning them. The brush used to clean them is also soaked in a bleach water solution at least once a week. This is a precaution to prevent the bacteria growth on the brush. It should be rinsed thoroughly before using it on dentures. The next morning, get the dentures from the vinegar solution and start cleaning them over a sink of water. The water acts as a cushion if you drop the dentures accidentally while cleaning.

Using the brush, gently rub off the calculus and stains that have built up on your dentures. The overnight soaking also enables getting rid of plaque, bacteria and food particles. For stubborn stains, consider soaking the following day again and they will eventually come off. Consult your dentist if some stains cannot come off even with repetitive soaking. Such stubborn stains include yellowing and coffee stains. With your dental brush, ensure you clean all surfaces with light strokes both inside and out. Ensure your brush is wet when doing all this.

After you satisfied with the cleaning, proceed to rinse your dentures thoroughly. Do it repeatedly until tartar and visible stains plus the vinegar scent you soaked in are cleaned away. You definitely won’t like the vinegar taste in your mouth after placing back the dentures. The rinsing ensures the entire flavor and any remaining debris is washed away. Pour the vinegar solution that you used to soak your dentures with. This is because it cannot be reused again as it contains all the bacteria, stains and tartar that you got rid of in your previous cleaning.