Criteria To Consider For Cell Phone Spy Software

If you are literally confused at choosing the best spy software from various spy software packages that are available in the market today, then this article will help you to choose the best spyware. In this article, some of the criteria are discussed to choose the best spyware.

Make a note on following criteria when choosing a cellphone spy software application:

  • Features
  • Installation
  • Supported OS and phones


There are several features available with each spy application and it differs from vendor to vendor. Most of the spyware applications have some common features such as tracking the live GPS location of target phone, monitoring text messages and MMS and monitoring call logs of both incoming and outgoing calls. These are the three features that actually form the backbone of the spy software.

So, what are the other features offered by vendors in addition to these three features? There are many features that stand out from the rest of the competition, such as recording the incoming and outgoing calls and even remotely listening to a live conversation, monitoring other messenger chats and calls like Whatsapp, Facebook, monitoring details of browsing history and many more. One such latest application monitors Whatsapp chats is

Supported OS and Mobile phones:

This is important factor to consider, otherwise you can’t monitor the target phone. So, check whether the cellphone spy software support the operating system? Some of the most common operating systems are Android, Symbian and iPhone. Another important aspect is to check whether the cellphone is supported by the vendor. It is recommended to refer the vendor website about the details of list of cellphones supported by the spyware.


It is not much complicated to install the application, as you can just browse the vendor website and click on the download section to install the software. If you have any doubt regarding how to install the app, just look into the installation guide of spyware to get a clear idea about it. The whole process shouldn’t take more than 8-10 minutes. It be complicated only if you are not prepared.

When you are planning to spy on someone, the above factors will help to choose the best spyware to undergo spying operation.