Common Types Of Weed Killers

Everyone who owns a beautiful lawn are threatened by weeds. The weeds are menace to every garden, they take away all the nourishment from the soil and do not allow other plants or grass to grow. The weeds often spoil the overall look of a garden and stand out showing the garden as unkempt. Removing weeds is very much necessary and hence it is important to know about the different weed killer types.

Weed killers are best, safest and quickest method to remove the weeds effectively. There are two major categories fall under weed killers, organic type and chemical type. Organic weed killers will include some natural methods and chemical weed control technique will involve application of herbicides. Following are some common types of weed killers:

Systemic weed killers: These weed killers are also known as translocated weed killers. Systemic weed killers will act like a nuclear bomb on weeds. The weed will absorb the chemical through leaves and transports it throughout the plant, the chemical will travel to every part of the plant. The great benefit of systemic weed killers is that it will kill entire plant. The speed of chemical movement is dependent on soil and air temperature. Try spraying early in the morning as it will have whole day time to destroy the weed.

Contact Weed killer: This type of weed killer will kill the plants which comes into contact. Organic growers usually prefer contact weed killers because they use a natural fatty acid. The chemical will be dissolved in a weed leaf and in turn causes it to dry out and die. This weed killer is popular because they work quickly by killing the plant tissue as soon as possible.

Residual weed killer: This herbicide is very effective, as one could guess the name is derived from the fact that this type of weed killers will reside in ground. The residual effect of this weed killer will kill seeds and any parts that try to grow. Residual weed killers can be used to clear the weeds from walkways and driveways.

Selective weed killer: Selective weed killers will kill the weeds on lawn without causing any damage to the grass or other plants. This useful weed killer will select which plant to kill, gardeners who want a grassy and weed free lawn should make use of selective weed killer. The best selective weed killer is offered by a reputed herbicide company, compare and save weed killer.

All the weed killer types will have its own advantages, application method and features. Buy the herbicides according to your requirement. If you don’t want to make use of chemicals, then you can opt for a homemade solutions.