Best Wood Cruiser Skateboard

The best cruiser wooden skateboard is manufactured using a Maplewood board and is usually covered with a polyurethane coating for stronger durability. Most of these skateboards are made using 7 piles of maple wood. A skateboard is usually propelled using a single leg while the other should be kept firmly on the board. Skateboarding is considered a thrilling sport and is practised by many people located across the globe. Kids are usually enticed by the idea of skating and many of them opt to learn it at a younger age. Nowadays many adults are also showing an interest in this sport and are buying skateboards just for sheer enjoyment.

In case of skating over a slope, gravity plays a crucial part. It propels the skateboard and helps people to enjoy afree ride. Electric skateboards which have emerged in the market recently are very much in demand. This is because; it does not require any manual propulsion by foot. One can traverse through long distances easily as it is equipped with a motor, battery and switches. Currently there is no governing body to dictate rules for this sport. Experienced skateboarders can travel long distances even in peak traffic hours.

While navigating a mountainous terrain using skateboards, one should use Ladera Skateboards. The skateboards made of maple wood are considered apt for this process. Two types of best wood cruiser skateboards are currently available in the market. These are the Longboard and the Shortboard skateboards. Short boards are predominantly used for doing tricks while longboards are mostly used in cruising and racing. They offer a better grip than shortboards. Skateboards with good concaves are mostly considered perfect for performing tricks. A traditional wooden skateboard comprises of deck, gripe tape, trucks, wheels, bushing, bolts and nuts. Some of the best wooden cruiser skateboards are

Maki ambassador – This board made of American Red oak is considered apt for skating and surfing. It is considered to be the perfect board for beginners and is in huge demand. It is said that each of these sturdy boards are handcrafted by the company owner named Eric Maki himself. The board is decorated with Super – sap Bio Epoxy graphics. These are one of the longest boards that the company manufactures.

Saturdays Surf x Shut – These wooden cruiser boards are designed for New York based commuters. It is manufactured using 7 – ply hardwood maple and each of these has 7 inch independent trucks .It is easier to carry and has a concave deck which facilitates players to perform better tricks.