Best Vacuum cleaners for pet hair

Pet owners everywhere struggle with the problem of pet hairs falling all over the house. It is difficult to clean them with conventional vacuum cleaners. The pet hairs, dirt and whiffs need vacuum cleaners with extra strong suction and good brush action. The vacuum cleaners used to remove pet hairs should also have exceptional filters and other mechanisms which can remove even the minutest particles. At the same time the vacuum cleaners you buy should be not harsh on the flooring at home. It is difficult to find a vacuum cleaner which suits all these requirements.

Another aspect to consider while choosing the right vacuum cleaner for houses with pets are the places where your pet spends most of its time. Some pets like to sit or play around on furniture or carpets. So one should invest in a vacuum cleaner which is suitable for cleaning upholstery or furniture. Some of the vacuum cleaners that are considered best for pet hair are

  1. Dyson DC41 Mk2 Animal Upright vacuum cleaner – This device though noisy is considered the best option for cleaning pet hairs. This bagless vacuum cleaner has been designed keeping in mind the pets. It works very well on hard floors and even cleans upholstery nicely. It has a long cable and an exceptionally large dust collecting container which is easy to empty.
  2. Vax Air Steerable u88 – AM – Pe upright vacuum – This device comes with a six year warranty and is extremely light in weight. It is priced economically as well and is the ideal choice of elderly customers with pets. The only drawback with this device is its small cable.
  3. Sebo Automatic X4 Pet Boost Upright Vacuum cleaner – Sebo machines, even though are considerably old in the market are still the ones with the best suction power. On top of the device is a boost button, which is extremely beneficial for removing engrained pet hairs and dirt. It has a filter embedded with charcoal which can remove all pet odours in a jiffy. The machine, though heavy can last a lifetime. Some of its accessories like the extra – long hose, wand and turbo brush are very effective in cleaning
  4. Bosch BCH6PETGB Athlet Animal Upright Cordless Vacuum Cleaner – This cordless device is extremely helpful in cleaning pet hairs, even those that are deeply embedded somewhere. It is so light that one can easily carry the device on his shoulder. But the cleaning cup’s capacity is only 0.9L.So one needs to keep on cleaning the device while using it.