About PC Games

Games are played globally by people no matter what age group they belong to. Games are available on several sources like PC, Sony Playstation, Xbox 360, and Nintendo Wii and so on. However, surveys have shown that people are now much fond of playing PC games simply because they are convenient to play and the keys may not be complex. In other consoles, there are very limited buttons and so gamers find it hard to learn any move which is performed after a combination of buttons pressed.

Types of PC games: Several types of PC games are designed and many are being produced all over the world. These may include racing games like Need for Speed, Midnight Madness, Street Racers and many more, fighting games like Street fighter, Tekken and Mortal Kombat,Strategy games like Warcraft, WoW, Red Alert and Army Men, shooting games like Counter-strike, CoD (Call of Duty),Scarface and IGI (I’m Going In), mind games like chess, scrabble and monopoly. All these categories are very popular on PC.

What is better – PC or Gaming Console?

After a survey it was shown that players appreciate some games on consoles while many others on PC. Most or all of the shooting games are very much interesting on PC more than Xbox or Playstation simply because of easy handling. Players get more accuracy in shooting due to an input mouse in a PC while making aims using controllers is very difficult. We can see majority of people playing counter strike and call of duty on PC more than gaming consoles due to this reason. Secondly, strategy games like Dota or WoW are highly unpopular in gaming consoles. These games can only be played on PC due to several options that need to be used immediately one after another for a professional game play.

In contrast, racing games would be more interesting on gaming consoles only if the screen is large and clear. Due to rollers on the gaming controllers, players get a great handling of cars in the games increasing chances of winning. These games on PC are interesting too. Due to these reasons, more and more games are being developed on PC despite the fact that more advanced gaming consoles are being produced. Some great PC games mostly played globally include WoW, Counter-strike, Call of Duty: Black Ops, Need for Speed: Shift, Street Fighter 4, Dota and the list goes on.

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